Delivery: We deliver all of our rentals to your door! This is a standard service and the pricing on our website includes delivery every time. We do however have to restrict the distance of up to 25 miles from Fawn Grove, PA. We will also deliver up to 40 miles away for a flat $50.00 fee.

Flat Tires: Flat tires are your responsibility.

Service: We are responsible for maintaining the equipment properly. You should always find it to be in good working condition. We do however expect our customer's to perform routine maintenance and checks such as greasing, checking the oil, etc.  

Rental Durations: Our rates are based on equipment being used on a standard 8 hour day, 5 days a week. (Excess hours used will be charged proportionately)

Rental Periods:

Day = 24 hours out (maximum 8 hours use)

Two Days = 48 hours (maximum 16 hours use)

Week = 7 consecutive days (maximum 40 hours use)

Month = 30 consecutive days (maximum 160 hours use)

Cleaning: Proper use of a piece of equipment does not end with the completion of the work being done. It continues through the cleaning and putting away of the equipment. Save money, Return equipment clean. We charge a $50.00 service fee for most equipment returned dirty.

Customer Responsibility: Once the equipment is delivered to the ordered location, the customer is completely responsible for it until it is picked up by us and we take over possession. In case of loss of the equipment, the customer will be charged the full price of the equipment, not a depreciated value. No damage waiver, sales tax, fuel charge, or cleaning charge are included in rental rates. Damage protection coverage is offered for a small additional fee. This simply covers damage from normal, expected use where a part may break from either wear and tear or manufacture defect, this does NOT cover negligence. If you opt to not purchase this protection, the equipment MUST be returned cleaned and in fully working order. 

You are also responsible to make sure someone is present for the delivery of the equipment to go over operation and safety and to answer any questions you may have about the equipment or the lease. This responsibility also extends to the pickup time as well. Be sure to have the equipment ready for pickup or additional fees will be charged. Leave the key in a secure, hidden or otherwise safe but easy to find location if you will not be present during the pickup time. 

Fuel Policy: All engine powered equipment is rented full of fuel and must be returned full or there will be an extra charge added. This excludes 2 cycle engines. The charge that will be added is equivalent to $8.00 a gallon.

Cancellation: You are able to cancel your rental without question with at least a 72 hour notice up to your delivery time. We will not offer any type of refund if the notice is shorter than 72 hours. 

For added convenience we are offering cancellation insurance during checkout. This small fee can be added to your entire order and will give you the ability to cancel anytime up to you taking possession of the equipment during drop off.

If you have any questions about our policy or the lease itself just reach out to us, we would be glad to answer any of your questions!

Kind Regards,

BluLine Equipment