Kubota SCL1000 Stand-On Loader

The SCL1000, compact in size, packed with performance and features. The SCL1000 features a wide 9.8-inch track that comes standard on the narrow, 36-inch machine. Boasting a powerful 24.8 horsepower turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine, this machine is able to handle all of those tough tasks and materials. Precision engineered with cushioned loader boom cylinders and an adjustable platform suspension system, this machine is determined to increase operator comfort for maximum productivity. This rental comes standard with a smooth bucket. Please see our other attachments to increase productivity and do more specific jobs.


- 24.8 HP Turbo-charged Kubota engine provides quiet operation, high altitude performance and requires no DPF.

- Hydraulic pump directly connected to the engine reduces maintenance.

- Vertical lift loader arms reach higher and further than the competition with a hinge pin height of 84.7" and a reach of 26" (at 45° dump angle).

- 1000 lbs. ROC combined with 15 gpm auxiliary hydraulic flow make for a powerful and productive compact utility loader.

- Works in zero clearance yards with low impact wide track design (4.0 psi) minimizing damage to grass or landscaping.

- 4.9 mph Best in class travel speed


- Cushioned loader boom cylinders and adjustable platform suspension increase operator comfort for maximum productivity.

- 4.3" Color LCD monitor

- Keyless start with passcode protection

- 12 Volt charging port


- The patent pending T-drive handle provides intuitive and ergonomic steering.

- Hydraulic pilot-operated loader and drive control valves offer precise and responsive control of the machine.

- Right hand joystick controls loader arm and bucket movement.

- Auxiliary hydraulics are easily operated without removing your hand from the loader joystick.

- Continuous flow in either direction is as simple as pushing a button.


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