Can I rent on an hourly basis?

No.  We have carefully structured our rental plan so that it is convenient, simple, affordable, and comes standard with FREE delivery and pickup (within 25 miles). We strive to keep our daily, weekend, and weekly rates low to provide you with a value that you just don't get with an hourly rate. 

Can I come pickup my rental?

No. Simply put, our business structure, lease agreement, and insurance do not allow customers to pickup and transport equipment. This may change in the future when we establish a commercial location. 

Can I come see the equipment before renting it?

No. We have specifically designed our website with photos, videos, testimonials, owners manuals ect. so you can see and educate yourself on what you are renting.  Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have about a specific piece of equipment and we'll be happy to help you. A personalized video can be sent to you showcasing the tool or machine covering your specific questions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept COD (Cash On Delivery), Credit Card/Debit Card, PayPal, and Venmo.  We currently do not accept personal checks. A business check is acceptable, contact us to make these arrangements. 

How do I cancel my rental?

Contact us with at least a 72 hour notice to cancel your rental and receive a full refund. With a less than 72 hour notice we are unable to cancel your order and issue a refund unless you purchased the cancelation insurance at checkout on your rental. With the purchase of the cancelation insurance you are able to cancel at any moment up to the point of delivery.    

Will you be adding more equipment to your inventory?

Yes. We are a brand new business and are looking to grow our inventory.  We would greatly appreciate any suggestions of equipment that we currently do not have on hand that would be a great asset to our customers.  

Can I hire instead of renting?

Yes you can!  Use our contact form to request a free estimate of your proposed project. We are equipped and ready to help you with your next project. We offer trenching, grading, demolition, site preparation, tilling, and more! We guarantee our work and will assist you to obtain necessary permits for your project. No job is too small don't be afraid to ask!

Are you insured?

Yes!  We are fully insured with a 1 million dollar general liability, a 3 million dollar aggregate and a 1 million dollar umbrella to make sure all of our work is covered and to provide our customers with a peace of mind. 

Why am I getting charged a cleaning fee?

As our lease states you are required to return all equipment in essentially the same condition as it arrived on your property or job site. Cleaning the equipment is expected and needed in most cases to properly maintain the machines, especially those with tracks. A $50.00 fee to cover our labor will be assessed to your rental and billed to your credit card on file. To avoid this fee, clean the machine when you're done.

Why won't the online scheduler work for the dates and times I choose?

If you get the message "Allowed quantity is exceeded", the two biggest reasons why this might happen are most likely due to the machine or tool you need is simply already reserved by someone else. The second reason may also be the time you would like the equipment delivered or picked up may be outside our set working hours. Simply select a different date or time and the problem should go away. We do however make arrangements for those who need the equipment during those times when we can. Just Ask!